Eligibility & Information

Interested in becoming a homeowner? Learn more about eligibility and the application process.

The Habitat homeownership program is an opportunity for families to own a decent, affordable home in the Northwest Territories. Habitat for Humanity NWT focuses on applicants who have children or other dependents who are in housing need and are ready and able to make the commitment to own their own home.

Homeowners have a no-interest mortgage, and payments are capped at a max 30% of gross household income so payments stay affordable. As part of your partnership with Habitat, homeowners (with the help of friends and family) must contribute 500 hours of volunteer work on their home or in the community before the mortgage is transferred. It's a great way to get your friends, family, and community involved!

We are not currently accepting homeowner applications. When we are accepting applications for new homeowners, it will be posted on our Apply for Home Ownership page.


1. Ability to Pay

- Minimum of one applicant with stable employment: employed full-time, year-round. Primary source of income must be employment income.

- Meets the income threshold for the location and project at time of application.

- Minimum credit score of 640. This will be verified with a credit check.

- Responsible debt management with good debt to income ratios.

- Not declared bankruptcy in the past three years.

2. Willingness to Partner

-Willing and able to complete 500 volunteer hours.

-Take part in homeowner education classes that may include budgeting and home maintenance courses.

-Keep the home and yard in good condition.

3. Need for Affordable Housing

- Currently spending more than 30% of household gross income on housing.

- Current home is unsafe or unsuitable for your family.

Other Criteria

To apply to be a Habitat homeowner, you must also be:

- A Canadian citizen and resident of the Northwest Territories for at least two years prior to application.

- Currently living in the Northwest Territories.

- Don't currently own a home, investment property or making mortgage payments on any dwelling.

- Have children under 18 or other dependents who will be living in the home with the applicant(s).