Feb. 01, 2024

Meet Amélie

For us, home is a place of solace and safety.

Between the time my daughter was born and when she turned 6, we had already lived at 5 different addresses in Yellowknife. The high cost of rent made it difficult for me to save money, and living with month-to-month leases caused housing insecurity. On a couple of occasions, significant life changes made it necessary for us to move. With most of my income going towards monthly expenses, it was challenging to save for a down payment on a house. We felt unable to plan and take steps towards our future.

Applying for Habitat for Humanity NWT was a chance for us to change our situation. When we were selected as a partnering family, we were surprised and delighted.

Habitat for Humanity embodies the value of paying it forward. As part of the homeownership process, we completed 500 community volunteer hours, which enabled both myself and my daughter to be active participants in the ownership of our home. Our family and friends also contributed many hours, reinforcing the strength of our community. I'm grateful that my daughter is learning about the many ways she can make a difference at such a young age. Habitat is setting the stage for the next generation of benevolence, and as a partner family, we are proud to be part of that cycle.

For us, home is a place where we have the freedom to be ourselves. It's where we can laugh, cry, and show love in our own unique ways. It's where we show up for each other with understanding when mistakes are made or when times get tough. Our new home signifies affordability and stability in a space where we feel physically and emotionally safe; and when we reflect on organizations like Habitat for Humanity, to us they symbolize sustainability in our communities and continued hope for families like ours.

Moving from space to space had become so normalized for my daughter that when we were in the process of moving into our new Habitat home, she was already referring to ‘the next time we move’. It came as a huge wave of relief to say that we are here to stay. We are home.