May 17, 2024

Meet Candace, Christian, and family

Candace & Christian have two young children. Everyone was born in Yellowknife and raised between Yellowknife, Ulukhaktok, Kugluktuk and Cambridge Bay.

"We are Inuit and Inuvialuit beneficiaries who relocated back to Yellowknife several years ago. A home to us means a safe space with comfort and stability for our family, most importantly for our children. A home to call our own would mean even more. It would be our home to decorate to our taste, our home to make memories in and a home that could be passed down to our children. We heard about Habitat for Humanity NT from family members. Our family knew about us wanting a forever home for our little family and shared the Habitat for Humanity NT Homeownership program in 2022. At the time we weren’t certain about making Yellowknife our family’s home, therefore we did not complete the application process. In 2023, our children became true Yellowknifers. We did not feel comfortable uprooting them from their hometown, their daycare/school routine, and their close friends and family. So, when the 2023 Homeownership Program was announced we were eager to apply.

With the high cost of rent, food and basic necessities it was difficult for us to save for a down payment. Rent alone took half of our pay cheques and left just enough for childcare, food, basic necessities and our monthly bills. The homeownership program gives us enough flexibility and alternative ways for us to become homeowners. With becoming a partner family and completing the homeowner education program we can learn about homeownership and pass that knowledge onto our children so they are prepared one day.

Both of us grew up moving from house to house numerous times for different reasons. Reasons that were out of our control. We will be the first of our parents children to become homeowners. We are thrilled and emotional with this amazing opportunity."