Nov. 29, 2023

Meet Susanna's Family

This has stabilized our family in our own home.

What brought me to put in an application was that my niece had informed me that Habitat for Humanity application was open for people who were interested. I decided to try. In recent years, I have tried different places to assist me in purchasing a residential home for my growing family. I either made too much money or not enough money to qualify for any NWT programs to purchase a home or first-time home buyer package. I have been approved through a couple of banks for a mortgage for a certain amount but it was still a challenge within that budget to find a safe, affordable, reasonably maintained home that can accommodate my family’s necessities. I have always fallen through the cracks as a single parent of 5 children and 1 grandson.

For my family to finally to be able to call “Home” means that pride of ownership, pride of personal benefit in quality of space, assured future, and a huge gain of self-worth. With a little bit of nudge from hard work, persistence, and determination, we have demonstrated “hard work” does pay off and never to give up on your dreams.

This has stabilized our family in our own home. We will grow with the community in a healthy, positive environment and benefit economically. This fills my need/desire/security to set down roots for my family and future generation. And like my son said, “Being able to fix things right away instead of waiting for landlords to do repairs and to wait for permission to improve your quality of life at home.”

Because of Habitat for Humanity my family is gracious, humble, and extremely thankful for their thoughtful, supportive, beneficial and desire to assist families who just need that one little extra care. Habitat for Humanity is a pillar in any community they are a part of.